Boys Program

The goal of the boy’s program is to house, feed, clothe and educate boys ages 5 to 18, or after they graduate from High School.  Upon arrival each boy is assessed and allocated his own bed and locker in a dormitory style room.  The Foundation pays the school fees and registers them so they can start attending class immediately.  The boys receive two full uniforms and the school supplies required by the public school system.  They receive a formal education through 12th grade.  Tutoring is provided in all school subjects and they all receive training at our computer school.  In addition, the welding and auto mechanic school is available to all the boys from AHLE that wish to attend.  The children also receive extra seminars on leadership and personal growth training and are taken on field trips to gain more knowledge.  All the children look after their own rooms and clothes, and also participate in the house chores and maintenance of the facility from cooking, laundry, cleaning, landscaping to general maintenance. They have full use of the physical sport facilities and recreation areas at AHLE, which include: 2 soccer courts, basketball court, swimming pool and playground facilities.  After graduation the boys receive help in job placement or further tutoring for the required exams to be admitted into a university.


Transition House 

The Transition House opened in 2000.  It is located in San Pedro Sula, a city about one hour away from AHLE.  The house is for boys 18 to 23 years old.  It provides to have a safe place to live while they work or go to school.  The house has a capacity for 10 boys.  The boys themselves manage, pay the utilities and take care of the house.

 Boy weldingSoccer teamwalking to schoolBoy helping in kitchen