About AHLE

Acción Humana de la Luz Eterna


The Honduran foundation of AHLE has 3 founding fathers: Alexander Valentin with Acción Humana in Germany, Dr. Bob Walsh, with AJC Children's Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Peter Beuth of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They set the goals and objectives of their project, raised all the money and are ultimately responsible for it. 

 Their first project was the construction of a orphanage complex named A.H.L.E. based in San Francisco de Yojoa, for the housing, feeding and schooling of boys in the surrounding communities. The land is a gift from the community of San Francisco de Yojoa. The project is supported by voluntary assistants and work machinery was loaned to us by the community. The complex opened in Autumn 2003.  Twenty-two boys were enrolled and called AHLE their home.  Now we currently care for 60 boys.

 The project includes eight buildings with dormitories to lodge up to 80 boys and facilities to provide them with meals, clothes, shoes, schooling, medical/dental and all their basic necessities. The complex's has an auto-mechanic school, welding school, a library, and an Internet-enabled computer center. The complex will be able to be used by the community's people, not just the children who are lodged there. 

There are two adjacent agricultural properties and a chicken coup that provides fresh produce for the kitchen and also for the surrounding community.

A girl’s scholarship program was instituted so they could attend school, use the computer lab and take additional classes. Today we have 40 girls in our scholarship program.

AHLE also has a Board of Directors who make sure that the wishes of the founders of AHLE are carried out. They determine which children are admitted to the orphanage and make the policies of the project.