AJC Children's Foundation - HistoryAJC Children's Foundation operates in conjunction with the international community.  At present, they work with Acción Humana in Germany, the Fiset family in Canada, and AHLE in Honduras. 


The 1990s

1993 Alexander Valentin creates Acción Humana in Hamburg, Germany, to insure that 100% of his donations would go directly to caring for children in poor countries. He forms a partnership with a local church in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to create an orphanage called Hogares Manantial. Initially, Acción Humana gives $300,000 for the construction.
1993-1995  Hogares Memorial is built and becomes home for approximately 30 children with a woodworking shop, metal shop and a sewing shop.  
1996  Dr. Bob Walsh Fort Lauderdale, Florida donates a yellow school bus, sends first 40-foot container filled with donated items. He visits San Pedro Sula for the first time. He shares his experience with family and friends. Peter Beuth, a German living in Honduras, becomes involved as a board member of Hogares Manantial.  
1997  A second dormitory is built and the total number of children increases to 50+. AJC Everlasting Light Foundation is created in Florida and obtains a 501(c)3 from the IRS. Eleanor and Russell Fiset from Montreal, Canada become involved. They obtain $25,000 to build a school for 200 children on the grounds of Hogares Manantial that will also serve the surrounding neighborhood children. AJC  furnishes the school completely for $2,500.  
1998  Hurricane Mitch hits Honduras in October. Acción Humana and the AJC Everlasting Light Foundation send financial aid and four 40-foot containers of survival material.  
1999  Hogares Manantial and Acción Humana decide to terminate their partnership. Acción Humana, AJC Everlasting Light Foundation and Peter Beuth decide to work together and continue the work with abandoned, abused and disadvantaged children of Honduras. A transitional home is opened to allow the older children from the orphanage to live more independently before going out into the world on their own.  

2000 - 2005
2000  All paper work to form AHLE - Acción Humana de la Luz Eterna is begun in Honduras. It is the combination of Acción Humana and AJC Everlasting Light (Luz Eterna) Foundations.
A scholarship program is begun that allows 25 girls to continue their schooling beyond the 5th or 6th grade. The city of San Francisco de Yojoa (one hour ride from San Pedro Sula) donates 2½ acres of land to AHLE to build a new home for children. AJC sends $25,000 to AHLE.   
2001 AHLE is recognized by the Honduran government. A tax exempt status is granted. The ground breaking ceremony takes place and the construction begins. Transitional house for the boys and the scholarship program for girls are maintained. AJC sends $37,000 to AHLE. We have our first high school student graduate from the program.  
2002 Construction continues. The project includes a dormitory to sleep between 60 and 80 children with four rooms for adult caretakers, a computer school (for graphic design), a cafeteria, an international volunteer house for professionals to visit and share their skills and two sport fields, one for soccer and one for basketball. The administration building is not built because of lack of funds. All the programs, transitional house and scholarships are maintained. AJC sends a 40-foot container which contains all the kitchen equipment, hot water heater, paint, floor and wall tiles, office equipment including computers and large copier, sports equipment including basketball backboards, among all the other items. Three more students graduate from high school with honors and are gainfully employed immediately.  
2003 The computer school, cafeteria, dormitory and volunteer house are completed.  Opening ceremony and admission begins. The enrollment in the middle and high school increases from 150 students to 300 because of the possibilities AHLE presents to the area. AJC sends two containers with supplies and school desks. Two more students graduate from high school, one with a specialty in hospitality and the other in engineering.  
2004 AJC Everlasting Light Foundation changes its name to the AJC CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION to better describe what we do. The children are admitted to the new orphanage. AHLE and the scholarship programs are maintained. AJC has its first fundraiser event, which is the FIRST ANNUAL AJC GOLF TOURNAMENT 2005 Carlos Zapata again organizes the backpack program in South Florida as well as in Honduras with 250 backpacks collected and distributed. We increase the number of boys in the orphanage to 25 and give out 15 scholarships to girls living in poverty who would be unable to attend school. 

2006 - 2012
 AJC distributes 300 backpacks to the children in the area. AJC sends $45,000 for the maintenance of the orphanage. The number of boys in the orphanage increases to 36 with an increase in the staff and volunteers to handle the workload. The computer school has 250 students per week from the local high school which brings internet access to this area and is also used as an internet café at night and on the weekends. This allows the area residents to learn about computers and opens a whole new world for them, as well as bringing in revenue for the project. The project itself is responsible for raising 10% of the annual budget. 
2007 the welding school and auto mechanic school buildings are built and programs are opened to 20 students. Backpack program distributes 400 filled backpacks. AJC sends $60,000 to maintain the 40 children that are entrusted to us and who call the orphanage their home. We send over 500 backpacks to AHLE and  the poor children in the area. The office building is completed with offices for the director, sub-director, accountant, study hall, bathroom and secure file room. Built in memory of John and Ceil Walsh with their quote over the door “Children are a gift from God”. We hire a psychologist for the training of the staff and the evaluation of the children as well as a full time accountant.

2009 the orphanage has 50 boys and scholarships for 30 girls. The backpack program distributes 700 bags to the children. AJC Children's Foundation sends $80,000+ to maintain the project.

2010-2012 AJC Children's Foundation and Accion Humana in Germany continue to raise funds for the project. The home has 49 boys and 26 girls who receive scholarships to attend school. The facility has three schools: computer, welding and auto mechanics, which serve the students and surrounding community. The Backpack program distributes 1,400 backpacks to poor kids in four towns so they can attend school.

2013 - 2015 Funds are raised to start an organic food garden, and chicken coop, which initiates the creation and development of the Agricultural Program.  This proves to be extremely sucessful with the children and allows the Foundation to supply the kitchen and share their produce with the surrounding community.

2014 More funds are raised and a piece of agricultural land near the property is acquired. A second piece of land adjacent to the property is also purchased. The Music Program is created along with the development of a traditional dance theater group. The orphanage now houses 60 boys and 40 girls are in the scholarship program.

2015 two boys start University, and 4 boys attend technical school to follow a carreer on electricity.