About Us

The mission of the AJC Children’s Foundation is to support abused, abandoned or neglected children in Central America. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1997.  Our services include feeding, housing, formal education, job skills training and mentoring. We are an international project, working in cooperation with individuals in Canada, Germany, United States and Honduras.

The Honduran foundation of AHLE has 3 founding fathers: Alexander Valentin with Acción Humana in Germany, Dr. Bob Walsh, with AJC Children's Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Peter Beuth of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They set the goals and objectives of their project and are ultimately responsible for it.

In addition to raising funds, we send  recycled and gently used equipment, furniture, clothing, goods and supplies to the orphanage. Volunteers go to Honduras to share time, knowledge, experience and love. We are a hands-on group.