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AHLE Success Stories Cruz Alejandro




Cruz Alejandro

Cruz Alejandro was brought to AHLE to get away from the violence of his father who would beat him regularly at home. This rejection has led him to be very insecure, emotional, and sensitive, which has resulted in teasing from other boys. He feels he is not appreciated.

Despite of all this, Cruz Alejandro has overcome countless obstacles. He was voted Student President of the high school for 2014. His schoolmates elected him over 2 other candidates because of his concept of how he would improve the quality of the school life. He takes the job very seriously and makes a real effort to deliver his promises. It is a great example to our younger kids that one of our boys shows that much interest in taking over responsibilities. We are very proud that, in spite of the fact that Alejandro often does not feel accepted, he has the courage to present himself in front of 400 students, standing up for something that he believes in. This is a clear sign that his self-esteem has improved. 



AHLE Success Stories Kevin Alexander




Kevin Alexander

Kevin comes from one of the poorest areas near San Francisco de Yojoa, where AHLE is located. His father left the family when he was still very young and the mother tried to do her best to support her 3 children on her own. When Kevin finished primary school, his mother wanted him to go to work to bring a little money to help with expenses, but Kevin wanted to continue with school in order to have a better future. He had heard about the Foundation from another boy and he requested to come to stay at AHLE because he states, he wants to do better for himself so he can help his mother and siblings. Kevin Alexander’s mother did not want her child to be looked after by others. However, he convinced her to let him go so he could continue with school.

Today Kevin is attending Unitec University in San Pedro Sula, he has a three years of hard work ahead of him to ahcieve his dream to becoe a computer programmer. 


AHLE Success Stories Ramon Alexander




Ramon Alexander 

Ramon Alexander was found by the police wondering the streets in a very dangerous area, and brought to AHLE in 2008 when he was 10 years old.  He lived with his parents and 10 siblings in a wooden shack. Ramon would escape on a regular basis and wander the streets. In the beginning, Ramon would not speak at all or communicate in any way. He had problems sleeping at night and he could only go barefoot, as wearing shoes was something new to him. He did not trust anyone, and in general he showed common symptoms of a child that had been neglected and mistreated. It is also clear that he has a mental disability.

Today, Ramon Alexander is a different boy. Although he behaves a lot younger than his age and his language skills are very limited, he shows interest in others, posing questions and engaging in real conversations. He no longer has any trouble expressing his needs. He can sleep at night and wear shoes. Although he will never catch up to his age, he always tries to do the best he can.