Girls Scholarship Program

A $30.00 a month contribution to our scholarship program will help offer the opportunity for one more girl to succeed and strive for a brighter future.

The Girls' Scholarship program began in 1998 to give girls in poverty a chance to attend school through 12th grade or beyond. Today our girls are working as bookkeepers, teachers, quality controllers and machine operators in the textile industry.

Each girl in the program has all school fees paid and she receives the supplies required by the public school system. They also receive a small stipend for family living expenses so the girls can attend school and study instead of working to help support the family.

The girls get training in computers, life skills, health education, self-esteem, relationships, pregnancy and parenting. They also attend seminars on leadership and personal growth. Grades are reviewed every 30 days for program eligibility. After graduation, the girls receive help with job placement and tutoring for college entrance exams.

Monthly Scholarship ($30.00)
Annual Scholarship ($360.00)
Scholarship Two Children Monthly ($60.00)
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