Girl in Class



Girls' Scholarship Program


The Girls' Scholarship program began in 1998 to give girls in poverty a chance to attend school through 12th grade or beyond.  Each sponsored girl’s school fees are paid and she receives the supplies required by the public school system. They receive a small stipend to help their families, so the child does not have to work and instead can attend school.  The girls also get training in computers, life skills, health education, self-esteem, relationships, pregnancy and parenting.  They attend seminars on leadership and personal growth.  The scholarship program is on a monthly basis and grades have to be maintained above a certain level. After school graduation, the girls receive help with job placement and tutoring for college entrance exams.  Currently we have 40 girls who have been sponsored and can attend school.  For $30.00 a month you will hlep support a girl in the scholarship program and help her succeed and strive for a brighter future. 



Girls group photo